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Simply enter the numbers for your next Pay Per Face opportunity into the free tool below. Calculate, adjust + re-calculate to determine your best outcome.

Assumption: the numbers entered below are for one face painting company exclusively at an event; should there be other face painting companies at the event, divide the footfall before entering the numbers into the calculator

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Background Information:

What is Pay Per Face (PPF) in the Face Painting Industry?

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What is a Pay Per Face Event?

Pay Per Face (PPF) Events: These events are structured so that the monetary risk + gain are solely on the face painter. In this agreement, the painter pays a pitch fee, which is the buy in for a stall at the event. For example, a state fair requires the face painter pay a fee for the use of a stall for the duration of the event. Ultimately, at Pay Per Face Events, the face painting company is in charge of the management and pricing of the face painting.

How Does Pay Per Face Work?

The professional face painter would take control of line management, pricing, pacing, quality assurance, and collecting payment. The painter takes home all money from the stall, after the pitch fee is paid, all made by charging the public per design applied.

What are the Pitfalls and Risks of a Pay Per Face Event?
  • Turn Out: Unfortunately, even a well-forecasted event can surprise with a small than expected attendance.
    • And in fact, if the event attendees mostly all come at the same time, they may not choose to remain in a long queue for face painting services, whilst maybe at other hours, there is little to no queue at all.
    • Also, if the event management positions the face painting booth in an inopportune location, patrons may not come across it to take the opportunity.
    • Conversely, understaffing a well-trafficked PPF event will stress the painters, produce poor quality work, and leave you with dissatisfied customers
    • Poorly Predicted Pricing to Pacing Ratio: A slow painter or painting only low priced designs can equate to low profit by the end of an event.
    What are the Benefits of a Pay Per Face Event?

    High traffic PPF opportunities with low pitch fees are an ideal set up. Face painters can achieve high profit margin wherever their offerings are popular. Some painters make double and even triple the hourly of face painters paid at a flat rate.

    • Fast Face painters are winners at pay per face events because they can churn a queue of customers and leave them satisfied.

    I’d love to hear about your experiences with Pay Per Face Events and any feedback you have to make this free tool more useful to the Professional Face Painting Community. Leave your comments below.