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We Follow the Highest Safety + Sanitation Standards

Safety and sanitation are top priorities of Paint + Pop: Face Painting + Pop Up Photobooth. From a children’s party to corporate events, we uphold the highest standards to protect everyone.

Paint + Pop Promises:

Safety and Sanitation

  • What Paint is Used For Face Painting?

    Our artists exclusively use high-quality, non-toxic, cosmetic grade face paint & glitter that is specifically designed for use on skin. The professional grade face paints are we use are approved by the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme.

  • No Harsh Cleaning Residue

    We will never use products containing harmful chemicals or allergens.

  • Sanitized Tools

    We use clean brushes and sponges for each person to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Brushes are cleaned on the spot with multi-pot wash system and brush spa gentle sanitizer. Sponges are single use per person.

  • Broken Skin

    Our artists will not paint nor touch cuts or skin irritations.

  • Unwell Clients

    For everyone’s safety, we refuse to paint anyone unwell, including but not limited to runny nose, red eyes, cough, and more.

Our Beautiful Customers Follow These Safety Rules

  • Adult Carer Responsible

    An adult (18 years +) must be present with any person to be painted who is under 18 years old. This carer takes responsibility for eligibility to be painted. Carer is expected to communicate any potential risks or allergens before face painting begins. The carer must not request face painting if the person to be painted is unwell, including fever, coughing, and runny nose.

  • Clean, Fresh Faces

    Our artists perform best with a clean canvas. Please wipe faces and pull back hair that covers face, when possible.

  • Willing and Enthusiastic

    Anyone to be painted should be thrilled! We cannot paint crying canvases who resist us.

  • Gentle with the Photobooth

    To keep the photobooth upright and in good condition, no pushing nor excessively rough behavior near the equipment.

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