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Boost Profits + Crush the Pay Per Face Market – Free Calculator

three children pay per face event face painting melbourne showgrounds. free tool. face painting for profit. Spiderman party. Spiderman face paint. Spiderman theme party. Super hero. Super hero super hero. Super hero party. Super hero parties

What is a Pay Per Face (PPF) Event?

As a face painter, it is essential to not only showcase your artistic talents but also ensure that your business remains profitable. There are generally two ways a face painter may be paid, a flat rate or pay per face:

  1. Flat Fee Hire: The painter is paid for an agreed upon hourly or package of services (with a finite service time). Whether the event has many guests or few, if the foot traffic does not impact the payment to the face painter, this is a flat fee. This includes free to the public events and private parties.
  2. Pay Per Face (PPF) Events: These events are structured so that the monetary risk + gain are solely on the face painter. In this agreement, the painter pays a pitch fee, which is the buy in for a stall at the event. For example, a state fair requires the face painter pay a fee for the use of a stall for the duration of the event. Then, the painter would take control of line management, pricing, pacing, quality assurance, and collecting payment. The painter takes home all money from the stall, after the pitch fee is paid.
    • Of course, pay per face events are high risk/high reward opportunities: high traffic PPF opportunities with low pitch fees are an ideal set up, especially so for fast painters.

Let’s further discuss PPF opportunities.

To achieve high reward, you need to make informed decisions based on accurate event projections. Fortunately, the free Pay Per Face Calculator is your ultimate tool in optimizing profitability. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using this calculator and how it can revolutionize your face painting profitability.

Miscalculations lead to overbooking face painters or taking on unprofitable opportunites, and the opposite is true as well: understaffing or foregoing a well-trafficked, PPF event will stress the painters, produce poor quality work, and leave you with dissatisfied customers, not to mention the missed opportunities of jobs not taken.

Importance of Accurate Event Projections

As pay per face events come with the opportunity of high reward, knowing your numbers before agreeing to be a stallholder is key. The good news is that the free pay per face calculator will keep you on the right side of the numbers.

The event holder tells you expected foot traffic and pitch fee and if you are exclusively the only face painting company at the event. You will know how quickly you can reasonably paint for what you plan to charge, for example, a $10 face can be completed in 3 minutes. And, if you can reasonably forecast how popular face painting will be at the event in question, you can leverage the pay per face calculator to accurately project your take home pay.

With this useful tool, you can plan effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure a profitable event, every time.

What is Measured by the Pay Per Face Calculator

The Pay Per Face Calculator helps face painters determine their earning potential based on various factors, such as event duration, expected footfall, and your speed as an artist. By inputting these details into the calculator, the number of faces you will paint at an event is calculated. With this, you will see the pacing expectation (minutes per face) to paint the projected amount of customers.

Furthermore, the calculator can divide out the work amongst multiple painters, should the event statistics warrant it. The calculator finally gives expected take home pay, even broken out per painter as needed. This invaluable tool takes away the guesswork and allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Benefits of Using a Pay Per Face Calculator

1. Simplified Booking Decisions: With accurate projections, you can confidently book events, knowing your capacity to handle the workload and its maximum payoff.
2. Optimal Resource Allocation: By understanding your limitations in terms of speed and capacity, you can bring on more painters accordingly, ensuring a smooth workflow and avoiding any unnecessary stress. Perhaps these numbers will put you in a position to hire a line manager.
3. Pricing Accuracy: A Pay Per Face Calculator can help you set appropriate prices per face, considering factors such as time, skill, and materials required, like bling as an upsell, for example. This ensures that you receive ideal payment for your work and costs.
4. Improved Customer Service: Accurate projections allow you to communicate with clients more effectively. You can provide a realistic estimation of the number of faces you can paint, avoiding disappointments and misunderstandings.
5. Business Expansion: Armed with accurate data, you can confidently scale your business, knowing how many events you can handle and when it’s time to bring on additional artists under your banner.

Utilizing the Free Pay Per Face Calculator

To take advantage of the benefits, access the free Pay Per Face Calculator available here. Simply input the event information, such as event duration, expected footfall, and any pitch fee. The calculator will provide you with accurate projections, empowering you to optimize profitability and growth. You can calculate and re-calculate until you’ve found your absolute best strategy.


In conclusion, the free Pay Per Face Calculator for face painters is an invaluable tool that can optimize profitability and help you make informed decisions. By accurately projecting the number of faces you can paint at an event, you can streamline your booking process, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure customer satisfaction. Embrace this technology and take your face painting business to new heights.

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