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Are you looking to capture unforgettable moments and create lasting memories? Look no further than our state of the art, digital, open air photobooth available for hire in Melbourne, Australia. Explore the benefits of hiring a digital open air photobooth, the features that make it stand out, and how it can elevate any event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, our photobooth is the perfect addition to make your occasion truly unforgettable.

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Why Choose Our Digital, Open Air Photobooth?

Immersive Experience

Our digital, open air photobooth provides a highly immersive experience for your guests, allowing them to express their creativity and have fun. Unlike traditional photobooths, the open air design eliminates confining walls and curtains, encouraging social interaction and the formation of lifelong memories. The spacious setup ensures group photos are a breeze, enabling everyone to jump in and strike their best poses together. And it is cute! The retro photo booth hire is an adorable addition to your event.

Plus, the open air aspect makes these moments addictive. The fun can be seen by all and the energy always catches on like wild fire!

Customization Options

Tailor your photobooth experience to match the theme and style of your event. Our digital, open air photobooth offers a range of customizable features, including branded or themed overlays, gifs, boomerangs, and more. From elegant blacktie affairs to children’s birthday parties, our photobooth can be transformed to suit any occasion, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for all attendees. Our prices and customizations are available for you to see.

Instant Social Sharing

In today’s digital age, sharing moments on social media is an integral part of any event. Our digital, open air photobooth allows guests to instantly share their photos on social media platforms, boosting engagement and creating a buzz around your event. For even more online momentum, encourage your guests to use a special hashtag, increasing the reach and visibility of your event further.

Expert Assistance

Worried about technical glitches or setup? Fear not! We deliver and set up the photography booth with perfectly attuned lighting, power, and cellular data (that’s right; no wi-fi needed) to ensure smooth operation throughout your event. From setup to teardown, our experts are happy to answer questions and ensure a seamless experience for all.

Make your event an unforgettable experience with Paint + Pop’s digital, open air photobooth for hire in Melbourne, Australia. By incorporating cutting edge technology, customization options, and instant social sharing, our retro photo booth hire is the perfect addition to elevate any occasion. Capture priceless moments, create lasting memories, and let your guests unleash their creativity. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, book our trending photobooth today!

Paint + Pop’s Party Packages for Your Custom Photobooth Experience

Taylor Swift Kids Party Entertainer for Paint and Pop in Melbourne Australia

Taylor Swift Party Package

Hire the full suite of Taylor Swift theme party extravagance! This package suits 15-24 people and is 2 hours

Eras Theme Face Paint + Friendship Bracelet Face Bling

$500 Value

Eras Digital Photoboothwith Video and Boomerang

$375 Value

DJ or Taylor Swift Kids Party Entertainer

$400 Value

Friendship Bracelet Activity Station

$50 Value

Total Taylor Swift Party Package

$1325 Value


Halloween Party Package

Is the spookiest day of the year your favourite?! Us, too! This package is for 2 hours of Halloween Fun

Halloween Special Effects Makeup + Face Painting, including 3d blood, scratches, bruises, and more

Value $350

Value $375

Halloween Photobooth

A sweet Treat for Every Guest

Value $25

Total Halloween Party Package

$750 Value