melbourne face painters for hire to match your dress and bring joy and colour

Hire Top Melbourne Face Painters & Bring Boundless Fun to Any Event

melbourne face painters for hire to match your dress and bring joy and colour

Are you looking to add a touch of vibrant color and fun to your next event in Melbourne? Look no further! Our team of talented face painters can transform any occasion into a colorful celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or even Halloween festivities, our professional face painters are here to make your event a memorable one.

The Importance of Professional Face Painter Hire

When it comes to face painting, hiring a professional is essential. Not only do they have the skills and expertise to create beautiful designs, but they also prioritize safety and hygiene. What paint is used for face painting is key: our team of top Melbourne face painters only uses safe, nontoxic paints that are gentle on the skin. We understand that the skin of children, adults, and even those with sensitive skin needs to be treated with care.

The Process of Face Painting

Face painting typically takes about 5 minutes per person, depending on the complexity of the design. Our talented face painters can create a wide range of designs, from simple butterflies and flowers to intricate superheroes and fantasy creatures. We take pride in our ability to tailor our designs to the preferences and age group of our clients.

Custom Designs for Every Occasion

At your event, our face painters can create custom designs to match your theme or specific requests. Whether it’s a princess party, superhero gathering, or even a corporate event, our team can bring your ideas to life. We understand the importance of personalization and aim to make every face painting experience unique and special. Enjoy a look at our unique designs on Instagram.

Booking Professional Face Painters in Advance

To ensure that you secure the services of our talented face painters, it is recommended to book in advance. As we prioritize quality and attention to detail, it is essential to have enough time to prepare for your event. By booking ahead of time, you can guarantee a spot for your event and have peace of mind knowing that our team will be there to provide colorful fun to your guests.

More Than Just Kids’ Parties, Melbourne Face Painters Are a Treat at All Sorts of Events

Our team of Melbourne face painters is not limited to kids’ parties only. We are available for a wide range of events, including corporate functions, festivals, school events, and even weddings. We believe that face painting is a form of art that appeals to all ages, and we are dedicated to spreading joy and creativity no matter the occasion.

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Additional Charges and Travel

When it comes to pricing, our face painting services are affordable and competitive. We offer packages that suit different budgets and requirements. While our base prices cover most events, there may be additional charges for travel, depending on the location of your event, as we are centered in Essendon. Our team will provide you with all the necessary details regarding any potential added costs, ensuring transparency from the start.

Melbourne Face Painters Care About Safety Measures and Hygiene

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our clients, which is why we follow strict hygiene protocols. Our face painters use only high quality, non-toxic paints that are easily and safely washable. Additionally, we ensure that all our equipment is clean and sanitized before and after each event. You can trust that our team will create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to hire top Melbourne face painters for your next event, look no further than our team of experts. With our talented artists, dedication to safety and hygiene, and our ability to create custom designs, we guarantee a colorful and memorable experience for all. Book in advance to secure our services, and don’t forget to leave your comments below and share this article with your friends!

How Do I Find a Face Painter?

Finding a face painter near you couldn’t be simpler. Paint and Pop’s service area can be found here.

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